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We started one of the epic end of summer parties with this track and it’s been one of Mac’s favorites ever since.   More »

  Assemblage 23 rarely disappoints. Today’s afternoon commute from the office was made all the better by cranking this one up to 11 when it popped up on the iPod playlist. More »

  An accidental discovery, 32 years after the fact. This track is pretty neat. More »

A lush, velvety soundscape lined with razor wire… Birthday Massacre albums are HUGE. This is one band that will never go quietly into the night. More »

IPM Radio got it’s start out in Lansing, Michigan, which happens to be the original stomping grounds of our favorite Rock-a-Billy band, Eight Ball Grifter. More »

  Agent Detroit turned us on to this gem of a track a few years ago – this is that vintage electronic sound at it’s finest. See also: Wir. More »

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