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About IPM Radio

In Perpetual Motion internet radio is a variety radio program only available via an internet connection. IPM Radio began it’s weekly on-demand broadcasts in December of 1998 to provide much needed air-play to independent artists and labels world wide. Since then, the show has grown to incorporate multiple DJs, live broadcasts and live concert performances, on-location events and a world wide listenership.

The station is non profit and run by an all volunteer staff of DJs, musicians and music fans. Touring DJs, artists and listeners are encouraged to schedule a visit for interviews, live performances and promotion. Most weekends IPM Radio’s Studio 6 resembles a house party in nature, combining the elements of radio, club, coffee shop, live music, food, drink, interviews and soap box politics into a dynamic audio presentation for our audiences and an unmatched social experience for our in studio participants.

IPM Radio’s musical range is an eclectic mix of electronic, industrial, hip hop, italo, synthpop, ambient, new wave, techno, house, gothic, rock-a-billy, trance, EBM, drum and bass, death-meta l, trip hop, power-noise, experimental, down-tempo, dub, dark-wave, jazz, classical and cross-overs, sub-genres and the whatever the future holds. If you can’t hear it on mainstream radio, you CAN hear it on IPM Radio.

In Perpetual Motion isn’t just our name, it truly is our mandate!


Your music submissions are always welcomed and encouraged. If you, your band or your label produce or release music related to any of the genres listed above, IPM Radio will play it. ALL submissions to IPM Radio must be in audio-CD, vinyl record or digital (MP3, MP4, FLAC, OGG, etc) format.  Musical submissions should be accompanied by a cover letter containing contact information, and track listing at the very least. We also welcome promotional material such as press photos, stickers, reviews, post cards and tour information.

Air-play submissions and all other non-electronic correspondence can be directed to:
In Perpetual Motion
c/o G. R. Perye III
314 Kensington Avenue
Ferndale, MI 48220-2359

Special Notice: IPM Radio does NOT participate with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC or any other performance license subscription companies. IPM Radio is a zero profit, non-commercial, pro-artist promotional entity and no fees are ever collected or distributed for any services, agreements, advertising or otherwise. By submitting your music to IPM Radio for air-play, you accept this agreement of null monetary performance compensation. IPM Radio will never endeavor to profit from performance of any of the submitted materials.

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