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One of those club classics that any rivethead in the vicinity will recognize within the first 5 seconds. More »

Today’s track is from another one of those definitive industrial albums from the 90′s. One of the great things about East Side Militia is that it is hard hitting and ass kicking from start to finish. I love this album and there is no situation that “Exile On Mainline” cannot improve. Crank it up! More »

Another early 1990′s Industrial classic from Detroit – Heavy Water Factory is one of the bands in the Detroit Region that truly raised the bar for electronic music. A bit of history – before Macross created IPM Radio, he had designed and maintained Heavy Water Factory’s original web page including samples of 3 songs from the first album ‘Fluid and Meat’ using a new technology at [...] More »

Fektion Fekler’s album “From here to Heaven” was one of hundreds of truly original and enjoyable original industrial albums released in the 90′s that maintained it’s playability. I hesitate to call it “Classic”, but It is 15 years old already, so I guess the pointy toed boot fits. More »

  An early album submission to IPM Radio was from a band called Electronic Voice Phenomenon. The album was absolutely fantastic and we played the hell out of it for 10 years.  Featured on Today’s SOTD is their track “My Only Girl”. -/// More »

Easily one of the least expensive music videos ever produced. Serious ass-kicker of a track, however. Die Krupps’ ‘To The Hilt’ -/// More »

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